Welcome to my blog اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ ! 

Here you will find reflections by a blogger who found his faith in Jesus Christ and his passion in writing . (Catch me on G+ and Facebook).

I was 'born-again' in 2006, i.e. when everything about my faith in Jesus Christ started to make sense to me (or did it?)

In that respect, this blog symbolizes my journey of faith (and of every believer). 

Writing is my mode of expression, which is both my passion and profession. Hence, you will find articles on this website based on 8 years of worship, prayer, research, debate, evangelism, failures, and heartbreaks. 

Specifically, you will find pieces on:

·         The basics of the Christian faith,
·         History and current affairs,
·         Journalism,
·         Popular culture,
·         Apologetics,
·         Short stories,
·         and much more!

You get all this, just by joining this blog for free. And if you want to look around first, be my guest! Find out:

So see you around. God bless...   

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Suleman M. John

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Suleman M. John

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